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FAITH is a DIVINE GIFT. It is not ours but God’s, our creator, and He gives it to all who asks for it. Who ever receives this faith, receives God’s eternal love.

The CATHOLIC CHURCH, is everyone who believes in the true God: The Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit. Jesus founded the Catholic Church for everyone who is part of his family. He instituted signs that transmit a life of grace and sanctity that we call SACRAMENTS. We accept these sacraments, respect and observe them as Christ gave them to us and not as something we have to do.

BAPTISM, makes us children of God, incorporates us in the true Church, frees us from the effects of original sin and makes us witnesses of this faith. This SACRAMENT, is the foundation of Christian life and demands commitment on our part.


  • Baptism arrangements must be done at least one month or more in advance. Baptism dates are limited.
  • If the child is 7 years old or older the child is old enough to understand what the Sacraments are all about and their responsibility. He/she should be prepared for Baptism and First Communion. Please call the Religious Education Office at (714) 778-1399.
  • The parents must be registered parishioners at least 3 months or more and be residents within our church boundaries to baptize at our church. If the parents are not registered parishioners or residents, they must obtain a church permission letter from their nearest catholic church stating that they can baptize at our parish. Please call the parish office to verify that you are within the parish boundaries.
  • It is required that parents and godparents attend our pre-baptismal class. Please, no children allowed.
  • If the parents of the child choose a married couple to be godparents, they must be practicing Catholics, have completed all their Sacraments, and MUST be married by the Roman Catholic Church.
  • If the parents of the child choose godparents who are single they must be older than (16) years of age, Practicing Catholics, and have completed all their Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion, and Confirmation.

You may DOWNLOAD the complete list of requirements and application for that you can fill out and print, then bring it with you to the Parish Office at the time of your appointment. Please follow THIS LINK.